• Custom Built User Interfaces
  • Database Interactions
  • Website Integration
  • Legacy Code Upgrades
  • Excel and Office Addins
  • Mathematical Computations and Engineering Algorithms
  • Real-Time Software and Hardware Interfaces
  • Programming in 3rd Party Platforms (e.g. Matlab, Excel)
  • ... and more (please ask us).


Torquecode is a small independent software vendor, base in the UK (near Edinburgh, Scotland). We use modern design practices and reputable software technology in order to achieve our mission: To provide our customers with powerful, bespoke, easy to use software.

Fast,  Powerful,  Easy to Use

Torquecode is happy to consider requests for bespoke, custom-built software applications ranging from simple tools to complex integrated algorithms, we are happy to take on any challenge. Our experience is primarily in engineering and scientific based software applications, but we have also worked on financial and administration software projects, among others, and would be happy to consider any project.

We work closely with our clients from the very beginning, planning and specifying the project to ensure that they get the solution that best fits their needs.