Torquecode Services

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Software Consultancy

We can provide a consultancy and contracting based service that can extend and augment the functionality of your own software development team. With our experiences in engineering we can offer consultancy experts that can help to bridge the gap between engineers, scientists and software developers.

Torquecode provides a range of different services from specific consultancy on individual areas of software development to complete bespoke project management, implementation and delivery.

We work primarily with C# and the .NET technologies and with C++, but we also often use Java, Javascript, VB, VBA, SQL, and others. In fact we are happy to work with whichever programming languages are best suited to the project.

We have experience with many 3rd party platforms, including: Matlab (Simulink), PI Historian, Honeywell ACE (Application Control Environment), and National Instruments (data acquisition cards), and many others.

Bespoke Software Projects

We work closely with our clients from the very beginning, planning and specifying the project to ensure that they get the solution that best fits their needs. During the specification and design phase there is no obligation on the customer and we use this time to establish a good working relationship.

Our programming methodology is to use a technique known as Test Driven Development (TDD). This involves writing a set of small tests first and then writing the actual code to pass these tests. Each test will check a small unit of the code and so these tests are known as Unit Tests. Unit tests are used to check the design of the code and are not really used to check the overall functionality of the code. For this we have Acceptance Tests which are used to evaluate the overall success of the project. Acceptance tests are used to evaluate the correct functionality while unit tests are used to ensure quality bug-free code.

During the software development phase regular update meetings are held with the customer. We can also provide on-going support and maintenance once the software is delivered.

If you are interested, we can tender a proposal for your consideration.